Looking to keep your loved ones safe with a personal safety app?

StaySafe are the GPS tracker app specialists with apps for both personal safety and lone worker protection. StaySafe Personal is a leading personal safety app for iPhone and Android with a GPS tracker to automatically email or text your exact location to your emergency contacts if you don't check-in safely after working, socialising or travelling alone, providing your exact GPS location so that help can find you quickly.

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  • How it works

    How it works

    The mobile app contains location based tracking, and has a timer which counts down from the time you have stated that you will be alone, say 20 minutes. The location tracking updates in real-time as you change location, so if you are walking or getting into a taxi alone it will track your route.

    The app automatically triggers an SMS text or email to be sent instantly to your emergency contacts, containing details of your location.

  • Start a Tracked Session

    Start a tracked session

    The first time you use the app you will be prompted to set up a 4-digit PIN and select emergency contacts from your phone’s address book.

    Whenever you use the app to track where you are all you need to do is set up a new session by entering the duration of time you expect to be alone e.g. a 20 minute taxi journey. Use the notes section to include details such as a taxi registration number. Then simply press start to begin tracking.

  • Confirm You Are Safe

    Confirm you are safe

    To end a tracked session you simply need to enter your 4-digit PIN. The app will remind you that your session is due to expire 5 minutes before with an onscreen message.

    If you don’t check-in safely with your PIN then a text or email will be sent to your emergency contacts, providing them with your GPS location so they can find you. Alerts will be sent even if your phone is switched off, damaged or if the battery dies.

Email notiofication

Emails, texts or both

Your loved ones and emergency contacts can receive both email and SMS text message notifications. You can manage this yourself within the app.

Your phone will flash orange to tell you when an alert has been sent.


See what some of our customers have to say about using StaySafe Personal Safety. If you have positive feedback that you would like to share we would really appreciate it if you would rate our app in either the App Store for iPhone, or Google Play for Android.

  • StaySafe means that I can relax more. I’m single, so I often make my own way home after a night out with my girlfriends. Just knowing that someone is aware of where I am and what time to expect me to get home safely is very reassuring, and being able to let my contacts know if I needed help just by hitting the panic button is fantastic.

    Single Female

    I often meet prospective clients alone, and there have been occasions when I was concerned about my safety. Now that our team uses StaySafe I’m much more relaxed. On the odd occasion when I have forgotten to cancel my alert I have had a call from my manager almost immediately and he knows exactly where I am.

    Account Director

    My son and daughter are both in their teens now, and separating them from their phones is pretty much impossible. It’s great to know that something they carry with them all the time could keep them safe when they are out with friends or travelling later in the evening, and it is just so reassuring to know that I would be informed immediately if there was a problem.

    Mother of Two

Frequently asked questions

  • What happens if my battery runs out?

    Unless cancelled by the user, an alert will be sent out once the countdown completes even if the phone is switched off. Emergency contacts will still be able to see the last location that was sent before your battery ran out.

    What happens if my signal is poor?

    Unless cancelled by the user, an alert will be sent out once the countdown completes even if the phone has no reception. Location updates are cached and sent when sufficient signal is available, however even if the latest location updates are not sent as a result of poor reception, emergency contacts will still receive the alert.

  • Which devices does StaySafe run on?

    You will need to have an iPhone running iOS 7 or later or an Android device running Android 4.0 or later.

    When will my contacts receive emails or texts?

    Email contacts will recieve an email when you start. The app will always email a contact when your StaySafe alert is triggered either by your countdown running out or by you pressing the panic button. They will also be notified if you enter your duress pin. If you have auto-inform turned on then your contacts will receive an email or text when you start a countdown, add time to a countdown or cancel a countdown before an alert has been triggered.

  • Will StaySafe work with Wifi?

    Yes (in a static situation) but even in this case, it is advisable to keep your mobile data connection switched on.

    Will StaySafe work outside UK?

    Yes, but SMS messaging is only currently available in UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland & Sweden. SMS messaging can easily be added for other countries upon request.

  • How much data does StaySafe use?

    Whilst we can't give an exact measure of data usage due to varying factors. When a session is running, excluding setting up the session, which will involve downloading of map tile data, a very small amount of data will be used. In our tests, a one hour session based on a 3 mile (5km) walk showed 5.5KB of data sent and 4KB of data received. This equates to kilobytes per hour, not megabytes. This applies to alerts also, so an almost negligible amount of data is used.

    Can I panic at any time?


  • How much will SMS cost?

    All SMS messages are included in the cost of the App.

    Will the StaySafe App work on tablets?

    Yes, as long as the tablet is 3G/4G and GPS enabled.

  • If I am based in UK (or elsewhere) and travel internationally, will SMS notifications be sent/received?

    Yes, as long as the contact has a UK/US/Canadian/Australian/New Zealand mobile number.

    Will StaySafe work across different time zones?

    StaySafe Personal will work across different time zones and uses local time for sessions, notifications and alerts.

  • Will the StaySafe alert activate when the phone is locked?

    If a user receives an alert when the phone is locked, a message will appear on the handset screen. If a user wants to trigger a Panic or other Alert, then the phone must be unlocked first.

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